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First Edit

I really like the way this came out.

Know This Face?

The contrast really made this one.

The Bride To Be

This turned out much better than I thought it would, really glad she was smiling this one

Remember the Rule of Thirds?

I guess softening the outter edges really helped.

Glad I Had my Camera For This

it wasn't until i got home and saw all the detailed artwork that i really started to like it.

Joan of Arc

A gold plated statue in Paris, I remember how awesome I thought it was when I first saw it

Adding Some Emotion

I may have gone a bit far with the sharpness, but i really wanted to bring out particular features. I like the overall though.

One of my Favorites

lucky enough to be at the right place, right time, with a camera in hand

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I don't really like taking a heavy tone with my blog, but with some material it kinda goes hand in hand. This is a fence that I saw on passing in NY. This is a small, but i think powerful, memorial made by school children for the events on 9/11. Its so simple, so uncostly, and makes a pretty powerful impression.

Back in the Groove of Things

Hey guys, I'm back! So sorry I've been away for so long, but Pharmacy school is brutal. BUT, im looking to get my stride back, kinda like this guy!

*and yea it was a running man to all those that guessed it, you guys are no fun.