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First Edit

I really like the way this came out.

Know This Face?

The contrast really made this one.

The Bride To Be

This turned out much better than I thought it would, really glad she was smiling this one

Remember the Rule of Thirds?

I guess softening the outter edges really helped.

Glad I Had my Camera For This

it wasn't until i got home and saw all the detailed artwork that i really started to like it.

Joan of Arc

A gold plated statue in Paris, I remember how awesome I thought it was when I first saw it

Adding Some Emotion

I may have gone a bit far with the sharpness, but i really wanted to bring out particular features. I like the overall though.

One of my Favorites

lucky enough to be at the right place, right time, with a camera in hand

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Glad i had my camera for this

I didn't think much of this shot while taking it, it wasn't until i got home and saw all the detailed artwork that i really started to like it.
  1. Wow, this is actually very awesome.. I thought it was photoshop.

  1. Wow, very cool, is this a tattoo?

  1. Never be bored again, just look at the maze in your palm.

  1. Wow, that's amazing. Funny how good photographers can make ordinary objects look interesting. +1 follower

  1. That looks insane! What is it?!

  1. it is mendhi, it was for a wedding, that's actually the bride, which is why it was so intense

  1. Wow, so intense. Perfect for a wedding day, and the amount of artistry is inspiring.

  1. That's amazingly appealing. There is warmth in those hands.

  1. Are they henna tattoos? Great shot.

  1. Duuuude. Trippy! Looks like the kind of thing you could do in glow-ink and go to raves to freak out the people on ecstacy, lol.

  1. That's awesome :o Almost looks like velvet at first glance

  1. I was looking for a stocking or one of those fake tatoo sleeves. But that had to take a long time and a steady hand..really steady hand.

  1. That is some cool tattoo stuff i have seen it before somewhere but i cannot remember where.

  1. Damn that's nice. Really caught my eye.

  1. That's pretty insane looking, at first I thought it was burn marks. Boy, was I wrong!

  1. This is F-ing cool. Love this.

  1. NEATO! Camera could be better though. :/

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