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First Edit

I really like the way this came out.

Know This Face?

The contrast really made this one.

The Bride To Be

This turned out much better than I thought it would, really glad she was smiling this one

Remember the Rule of Thirds?

I guess softening the outter edges really helped.

Glad I Had my Camera For This

it wasn't until i got home and saw all the detailed artwork that i really started to like it.

Joan of Arc

A gold plated statue in Paris, I remember how awesome I thought it was when I first saw it

Adding Some Emotion

I may have gone a bit far with the sharpness, but i really wanted to bring out particular features. I like the overall though.

One of my Favorites

lucky enough to be at the right place, right time, with a camera in hand

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...And now it looks like its from a horror movie

So, i kept messing around on photoshop and I think I've come up with something cool. I really like the way the details came out on the pic. Let me know what you guys think, let me know if I should've done something better/different?
  1. That's creepy looking! What is it?

  1. I think that is a tree that is customized by someone and effects were added after on a computer.

  1. Looks like a sculpture in a park I've been to, nice place.

  1. dude that looks nice!
    but wth is up with your header, why would you use that picture for your blog?!

  1. Contrast could be higher

  1. Nice job i cannot photoshop this well.

  1. I like this! it looks nice and sharp and pretty sweet! +fol

  1. You made this in photoshop? Amazing usually you can tell when something is shooped but this looks real!

  1. Lol leet photoshop skillzzz. Followed

  1. its cool but definitely a bit creepy

    im excited to see more, however

  1. I really like this, great job :)

  1. That looks great man! I like it!

  1. Great job! I'm impressed, I think I might pick up Photoshop possibly. Is it hard to get into?

  1. maybe some blood from the eyes and some teeth in his mouth?

  1. if i learn to be that good will i be 1337 haxors. lol its great man your really good at shop.

  1. i remember when i learned photoshop, its fun but you gotta practice and memorize a lot of stuff

  1. I think it came out perfect! It looks creepy as hell!(hopefully that was what you were going for..) What steps did you take to get to this?

  1. that looks crazy! like one of those plantbabies from harry potter lol

  1. That's crazy. I don't even know what it is.

  1. wow awesome

  1. this scares me

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